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Noa agasi


Glass making

Technical flameworking

Art flameworking 

Grinding  art glass



Screen printing

Fire painting

Technical glass grinding



Autogenous welding


Turning metal

Metal milling

Wood working

Painting and drawing

Design and technical drawings

Computer programs


Rhino 3D


Edgecam CAD CAM


My name is Noa Agasi, born 1994 in Breda the Netherlands. I have been interested in creative technology from a young age. Then I baked cookies, now I produce glassware in various techniques. I am a graduated professional technical glassblower and currently with a broadening into the artistic arts of glass. Over the years I have developed a considerable passion for glass and materials. I get my inspiration from all over the world. The travel hunger is in my genes. If you can't find me in the workshop, find me in the mountains, on skis, on foot or by bike. Surrounded by nature, culture and glass, I am at my best! In my latest work I know how to combine these three elements.

Secondary school

I chose a technical direction in my secondary education, where I focused on installation techniques. There was enough room to develop my creative side too. As a part of a talent group, I was sent out for the national skills competition Best Man. I designed a            that was sold by auction. The amount has been released to "the glass house", which collects money for charity every Christmas.


I studied in Leiden at the Leidse Instrumentmaker School, a school for precision engineering. In the first year I received all-round training, which means that I have a good basic knowledge of fine mechanical technology including phrases, glass blowing and optics. I fell in love with glass. Only talented students will be admitted to the further training for glassblower. I was one of the lucky ones and started my second year specializing in laboratory glass. I have developed both technically and creatively in the processing of glass behind the burner. I finished the 3rd year with a glass diploma A and continued the 4th year as a research instrument maker. An incredibly fun and interesting year, in which glass was not discussed, but I learned a lot about research and science. I have completed two projects. A project for the firm Karl Storz in Germany for which we designed a medical product in collaboration with the Maxima Medical Center in Eindhoven. The assignment was to develop a safe removal system for the echinococcus cyst. A user object that is placed extremely carefully and accurately in the patient's body to remove the cyst without damage.

Graduation project

I graduated by the company Fei in Eindhoven. Fei a world leader in transmission and scanning of electron and ion microscopy. Here I develop a project based product that solves a very accurate lifting problem with a Transmission Electron Microscope. My material knowledge has been used by solving the lifting problem for the purpose of regular service operations.

Work experience

I gained my first work experience at the Eindhoven University of Technology (Tu / E), in the position of glass blower: Education and Research support to students. I am proud of my experience in the academic environment and learned about cold and hot glass, capillation and draft towers.

Specialization development

It has always been my dream to develop myself in glass art. I decided to go for my dream and moved to Austria September 2017. I study at the HTL (Hohere Technische Lehrgang) in Kramsach. Here I learned the basics of many glass processing techniques. With a internship at Van Tetterode Glass Studio BV the Netherlands.

If you have questions about me or my work, definitely send me an email!

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