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Herdenkingssieraden met lok haar

Glass commemorative jewelry & art.

Step into the enchanting world of personalized glass memorial art at Noa Agasi Artist & Designer. As an artist with a passion for crafting unique glass objects and jewelry, I specialize in incorporating a lock of hair into glass. Each piece I create carries a loving memory of your beloved ones, both human and animal, during and after life.

My artworks transcend mere tributes to life and the bonds we share; they serve as tangible expressions of the unique connections we cherish. Every piece is custom-made, with careful incorporation of the hair locks of your loved ones, resulting in an unforgettable and personal masterpiece.

Whether you're searching for a memorable piece of jewelry, a beautiful glass object for your home, or a special gift for a loved one, each work is imbued with meaning and symbolizes the enduring bonds we hold dear.

Let my art help you honor your loved ones and keep their memory alive by creating a unique and timeless artwork that you can cherish forever.


Memorial artwork

A unique new way to have a tangible memory in your home! It is now possible to embed a lock of hair in glass, creating a floating effect. Want to learn more about the possibilities for a glass memorial artwork with a tangible memory? Keep reading

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Memorial jewelry

Seeking to carry a tangible keepsake with you? At Noa Agasi, artist and designer, we offer the opportunity to create a personalized piece of jewelry. I carefully embed a lock of hair from your loved ones into the glass. Interested in learning more? Click to discover further


The process for requesting a personalized memorial object or jewelry with a lock of hair is as follows:

Noa Agasi


Contact me via email or through the online store to express your interest in a personalized memorial artwork or jewelry. We will then schedule a contact moment, either in person or online, to discuss your preferences and talk about the expected delivery time and costs.

Papieren verpakkingen

provide a lock of hair

After a 50% deposit, you will receive an envelope containing a plastic bag. You can return this bag to my workshop, filled with a lock of hair from your loved ones.

herdenking druppel lok haar met as

The manufacturing process

  • I will carefully incorporate the lock of hair into the glass and shape the glass into your desired form.

  • Once the object is ready, I will notify you and prepare it for shipping or pickup.

Memorial art


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