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A small peculiarity of the jungle

The Nature-riche lamp 

The nature- rich lamp symbolize the world of leaf-cutter ant in the tropical jungle of Indonesia.

The nature-rich lamp stands "as a closed ecosystem" for ecological thinking.

The egg shape symbolizes the birth of nature, the content for the circle of life as a closed ecosystem. An ecosystem maintains itself without human assistance. Through growth, condensation and falling water, The lamp actually brings living nature into the home. She will bring atmosphere into the home with a nature awareness effect.


Here you see a handmade closed ecosystem with a tropical world. In this world there is a waterfall that is formed with natural and glass blown stones. Here along the front are glass ants they are at work among the mushrooms and glass flowers. The world is symbolical be lichtet from below.


Humanity sometimes forgets how special nature is.

We no longer enjoy the small and fine, Because we are in a hurry in our lives. Everything revolves around itself and not around the other. Destruction of large nature reserves threatens human and animal welfare.

Governments - and sometimes the individual person  forget in their choices that nature is essential. After the damage has done, realization comes, then nature is often irricoverble damaged.


With this lamp I want to experience the pure and beauty of nature in an art form. The object will be attractive and will make the experience and the importance of nature directly accessible into your home. .

Made in 2019

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