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Painting and drawing

Since 2017 I have rediscovered drawing. In recent years I have practiced this a lot.

The wrinkled hand

My very first pencil-drawn drawing

Made in 2017

Elephant eye close up

In 2018 i decided to make my first larger work. A close up of a elephant. Drawing with fineliner. 40cm by 50cm

Made in 2018

Behind the bright eyes

The bigger you draw the more you learn: were my teachers words. My first big drawing with colored pencils.

Made in 2018

The beauty of the mountains

Since I am back of 2 years living in Austria for a glass craft school, I miss the beauty of the mountains. My first oil painting to honor the beautiful nature in the world. 140 cm / 70 cm

Made in 2019

The elephant in the captured darkness

Close-up rhino

A 2 part paintings of 120 cm by 90 cm of an elephant

made in 2020

After making my elephant drawing, i decided  to work  on large canvas with paint. The painting is 120 cm by 90 cm.

Made in 2019

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