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Welcome to this website

Hi, welcome to my website. You will find a good introduction to my craftworks and skills. In the webshop you can find my latest objects for sale. Please contact me for personalized requests.


 I am Noa Agasi, an independent artist. I am familiar with various techniques and materials, including;

- glass crafts, like jewellery and art object 
- technical glass instruments
- paintworks
- fine mechanical metal work


Currently I am mainly working with glass art, jewelry, art object and paintings. In my work I seek for a profound natural bound between nature and society.


I have my workshop at home. With my own instruments I create idea generation and small projects. 
See my webshop!




Glazen herdekings siraden & objecten


Special Deals

Twenty million years back in time...

Petrified wood, which had its roots millions of years ago, acts as a bridge between different epochs.

Welcome to Noa Agasi, where with my art, I aspire to breathe life into the ages preserved in history. I fuse petrified wood with the transparent medium of glass, creating a unique and visual interplay. The glass unveils the petrified wood as a time capsule, preserving history while simultaneously narrating a new story.

This underscores the value of nature in our modern world and underscores the importance of cherishing the Earth's treasures and its natural wonders.

Glass art incorporating petrified wood pays tribute to the timeless beauty of nature. It encourages us to reconsider our relationship with nature, encompassing both preservation and innovation.


About me

Read more about what has been going on in my life

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