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glazen herdenking object met een lok haar leven en afschijd_1_edited.jpg

Our Services

In the personal memorial art  of glass that I make,  hair or cremation ashes of your loved one are processed into a unique, sustainable glass art work

I translate your wishes into your memorial object so that you carry the lifelong loving memory with you

Herdenkingsobject Cirkel van het Leven

commemorative art 

Each object possesses its own character through the incorporation of a lock of hair or cremation ashes from your loved ones, thus making it a unique piece of memorial art. You have the option to choose from standardized designs available in my online store, or we can collaborate to create a personalized design. Together, we will discuss your further preferences to craft the perfect memorial piece

Herdenkingsvergrootglas met lok haar.


The process for requesting a personalized memorial object or jewelry with a lock of hair is as follows:

Noa Agasi


Contact me via email or through the online store to express your interest in a personalized memorial artwork or jewelry. We will then schedule a contact moment, either in person or online, to discuss your preferences and talk about the expected delivery time and costs.

Papieren verpakkingen

provide a lock of hair

After a 50% deposit, you will receive an envelope containing a plastic bag. You can return this bag to my workshop, filled with a lock of hair from your loved ones.

herdenking drupel lok haar en as

The manufacturing process

  • I will carefully incorporate the lock of hair into the glass and shape the glass into your desired form.

  • Once the object is ready, I will notify you and prepare it for shipping or pickup.

Memorial art

contact me 

Herdenkings juwelrie
noa agasi

If you're interested, we can schedule a personal appointment to discuss your preferences. During this appointment, you can provide the lock of hair, which I will incorporate into the glass memorial piece with the utmost care and precision. Subsequently, we will agree on a delivery date for the memorial object, typically within 6 weeks, which can be arranged via registered mail if necessary.

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